10 professional free CSS and HTML editors

Having your own website is a must now – whether you are a multimillion dollar company or just a startup – a site is your identity out there, among millions of others in the world. And when it comes to creating a website, HTML and CSS immediately comes in picture. And if you have these superb HTML and CSS converters, you won’t require any professional to set up your website. Here’s a list:

  • Aptana Studio 3:
    A customizable open source IDE, Apatan is capable of editing a host of other programming languages apart from HTML and CSS. Last updated on May 2017, it’s one of the most reliable editors out there.
  • Bluefish:
    An editor compatible with many Operating Softwares, and can run on a number of protocols, Bluefish too, ranks among the topmost HTML and CSS editors.
  • Arachnophilia:
    With it’s latest update being in November 2016, Arachnophilia is an HTML editor. What sets it apart is that Arachnophilia is written in Java, the reason being – it’s creator detests and boycotts Microsoft products!
  • Notepad++:
    This one’s only for the Windows users out there. With a customizable user interface, the code’s written in C++.
  • Eclipse:
    A clear cut warning: Beginners may find this software confusing. This is also why Eclipse isn’t recommended for beginners – the pros can handle it well though!



  • CoffeeCup:
    A free editor that will suffice both your HTML and Java editing, CoffeeCup has a lot of other features too, which come with an additional cost.
  • Komodo IDE:
    With a free and paid version both available, you can use Komodo to edit a host of programming languages – and it also comes with a lot of other perks too.
  • NetBeans:
    With a number of code generators and templates, NetBeans is quite an excellent editor to help you with HTML, Java and CSS editing. It was last updated in September 2016.
  • NoteTab Light:
    The minimalist syntax is a huge pro in this editor – this helps the editor to read your code very easily, making your task even easier.
  • BlueGriffon:
    Although BlueGriffon has a lot of paid versions available, the free version that they have is a well-equipped free version which you can use for your editing tasks – especially for beginners.