Style Studio CSS Editor – The ultimate css tool!
The benefits of CSS are obvious, and with Style Studio CSS Editor, Cascading Style Sheets are quick and simple to implement.

Whether you’re creating a new website, editing an existing site, or converting a site to use CSS , Style Studio CSS Editor is designed to make all your CSS and HTML tasks easier.

Style Studio CSS Editor is the solution that you’re looking for:

Error-free CSS documents without technical know-how with our CSS validator / Checker
Intuitive, fully-featured CSS Editor with Office 2000 / XP UI interface
Site-wide conversion of existing HTML pages to CSS and XHTML
Extensive browser compatibility info
Standard compliant HTML pages
State-of-the-art designs with our helpful CSS generators
…and so much more!
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Benefits of CSS (full article)
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allow you to update or modify the appearance of your website by changing just one single file!

Want to change the font for the main body text? The size of the heading text? The colour, width, spacing or backgrounds throughout your whole site?

CSS makes this quick and simple. The trouble is that many find cascading style sheets difficult to learn, complicated and time-saving to setup, and many struggle to make sure that their HTML pages remain compliant with W3C standards.

With CSS, you can :

Simplify site maintenance and retain consistent look and feel throughout the site
Lightweight designs. Style sheets most often decrease the content size compared to images or Flash
Richness. CSS provides webmasters with a rich set of rendering effects, thus increasing the richness of the Web as a medium of expression.