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I use an asp page to display pages, where the dynamic content is in an
To calculate the height of the iframe I use the calcheight function. However
when trying to do this with external pages, I get an access denied error,
and the iframe won’t display correctly.
Is there a way to solve this or another way to calculate the height for the
The relevant code displayed below.

Thanks in advance for any help,

function for calculating the height of the iframe:

function calcHeight()
//calculate height
var the_height=
document.getElementById(‘hoofdframe’).contentWindo w.

//minimal height of 600
if (the_height < 600) {the_height=600}

//change height

the iframe:

You cannot change security while acting from the top to the bottom
(from your parent document to your iframe). Otherwise what kind of
security would it be?

If you are dealing with documents from the same domain, you can use
IE-only (?) document.domain property.

So if in *both* documents (parent one and in iframe) you have:
document.domain = “”;
then security communication block will be removed for all documents
served either from “” or
“” and so on.

If your documents are from totally different domains then you have
1. Kill security settings on each computer
2. Have a script in each document served to iframe so it would *itself*
report to its parent the needed info.

I would definitely stay on the 2nd option.