This software is based on the work of the following persons :
Tab Menus 1-12 by
Tab Menus A-K by
Vertical Menus 1-14 by
E-lusion 1-12 by Ian Main
Square, Rounded, Circle and Pyramid tabs by Dan Cederholm
Sliding Doors by Alistapart
Taming List by Alistapart
Vertical Buttons by Claire Campbell
Horizontal Buttons by Claire Campbell
3D Imenu in blue by Ingo Turski
Eric Meyer’s tabbed navbar by Eric A. Meyer
ZDnet Emulation by Terence Ordona
Contrast (smhill) by S.M.Hill
SuperfluousBanter 2003 by Dan Rubin
Zeldman’s DWWS menu by Jeffrey Zeldman
All others alternate colors / styles are modified versions of one of the above styles and were produced by our team (unless otherwise stated).