HTML Code Library makes it very easy to manage your source code (30+ languages supported), keep your code organized, save your data in a secure encrypted database, paste your favorites code snippets quickly, synchronize rapidly changing data with your libraries, and much more!

Source Code Library offers easy-to-use interface for the novice, and a range of sophisticated tools for the advanced user.

Organize your documents, notes and code snippets – save time, and make your life easier and more productive

Why do you need HTML Code Library?

Organize your HTML code & projects in a central, secure and intuitive software.

More than 30 programming languages supported!

HTML Code Library Screenshots. More than 10,000 lines of open source & free source code included!

You don’t have to start from scratch, plenty of task-oriented code snippets & components covering most programming subjects are available to you for FREE

Built-in Clipboard Extender, quickly paste your frequently used code snippets, launch your favorite applications and URLs and more!
You can use the clipboard menus to paste collected code back to any windows application, launch your favorite application, folder or website, and more!

HTML Code Library Screenshots.

HTML Code Library Screenshots. Quickly search for code, using a simple hotkey!

Multiple websites & search engines supported (fully customizable list!)

HTML Code Library Screenshots. Quickly capture important data. Perfect for Internet research!

Press CAPS-Lock twice anywhere to quickly & silently add clipboard content on-the-fly. Perfect for Internet research.

HTML Code Library Screenshots. Keep your documents updated automatically!

One click to detect modified documents & update them using a simple file synchronizer